Talespin - Phil Harris audio (lost recordings from Disney animated TV series; 1990)

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Titlecard for the show.

Status: Lost

Talespin was a popular cartoon that aired as part of the Disney Afternoon block from 1990 to 1991. It followed the adventures of Baloo and Kit, as they deliver packages for Higher for Hire using Baloo's pontoon plane. The series is a loose spin-off of The Jungle Book (1967) in that Baloo, Louie, and Shere Kahn is all major or minor characters, though their personalities are far different from those of The Jungle Book. Since Phil Harris, Baloo's original voice actor from The Jungle Book, was still active in voice acting, the show's creators initially wanted him to reprise his role as Baloo; however, after test recordings, his voice was determined to have changed too much with age, at which point he was replaced by Ed Gilbert.


There are conflicting reports as to exactly how much was recorded with Phil. One source says up to 5 episodes worth of lines were recorded before being re-casted,[1] whereas others hint that it was less than a single episode.[2] The status of these recordings is unknown. It is possible they are somewhere in a Disney recording studio, but it is more likely that they were disposed of.


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