Tales from the Land of Genitalia (lost Bob Jaques animated short based on Robert Crumb comic strip; 1970s)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sexual imagery.


One of the compilation comics that has the 1969 strip.

Status: Lost

Tales from the Land of Genitalia is a short animated by Ren and Stimpy animator Bob Jaques which is based off the Robert Crumb 1969 comic strip of the same name. It was shown at Sheridan College somewhere in the 1970s and was never seen again.


It's a short about a penis with arms and legs playing with itself.[1]


Bob Jaques regularly screened cartoons from the Golden Age during lunch breaks at Sheridan and people would come in and watch, including his friend and future Ren and Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi. Kricfalusi saw the short in question and immediately thought he could animate. Eventually, Jaques and Kricfalusi became good friends due to their interests in Golden Age cartoons.[1]