Talis and the Thousand Task (partially found English dub of animated series; 2000–2001)

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The logo of Talis and the Thousand Task.

Status: Partially Found

Talis and the Thousand Tasks was a French animated series produced by Millimages and Cine Cartoon and directed by Eric Gutierrez and Frédéric Mège. The show is about a man named Talis, who aspires to become a knight in the Arthurian Round Table, has to fulfill the thousand tasks set for him by Merlin, But he is unwittingly catapulted through the warps of time from the Dark Ages to the 21st century.

The English Dub

There was an English dub of the show, but The full episodes are unavailable on sites such as YouTube. However, The English version used to be viewable on Toon Goggles, but it’s currently unavailable. A clip of the English version can be viewed online.

Voice Cast

  • Keith Wickham as Talis


A clip of the English version of the series.