Tamagotchi TamaTown (partially found Flash game; 2006-2013)

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Pyonkotchi TT.GIF

Screenshot of TamaTown.

Status: Partially Found

Tamagotchi TamaTown was a flash game for people who owned a Tamagotchi Connection virtual pet toy (versions 3 and newer) that allowed players to explore the fictional Tamagotchi Town and earn prizes that could be brought back to their Tamagotchi Connection device.

Players could also play mini-games that would unlock exclusive items for their Tamagotchi and also shop for items that would be spent with the money on their device. When a player had finished playing in TamaTown, they would receive 10-digit passcodes for the items they received. These codes would be manually entered into the device to receive the items.

There were different versions of TamaTown for each version of the Tamagotchi Connection. The later versions of TamaTown would include extra mini-games and new items that were introduced into the later devices.

On February 6th, 2013, the TamaTown servers were shut down forever as Bandai were no longer making a profit off of the game, and a newer line of Tamagotchi toys was being introduced to the West around the same time: Tamagotchi Friends. All that has been archived on the Wayback Machine are the websites and the V4 version of TamaTown, which you cannot login as the servers are shut down. Other versions of TamaTown for Tamagotchi Connection are currently lost.

There is also another version of TamaTown called UraTamaTown

Found SWFs[edit | edit source]

  • tama_shell.swf
  • intro.swf
  • town.swf
  • king.swf
  • parents.swf
  • grandparents.swf
  • tama_island.swf
  • vote_off.swf
  • mall.swf
  • toys.swf
  • music.swf

Lost SWFs[edit | edit source]

  • arcade.swf
  • school.swf
  • foodcourt.swf
  • travel.swf
  • townhall.swf
  • theatre.swf
  • preschool.swf
  • office.swf
  • station.swf
  • bank.swf
  • hospital.swf
  • postoffice.swf
  • clothing.swf

Updates[edit | edit source]

AUGUST 26, 2017: The music played in the mall was found 5 days ago. It’s found by SootyFan1996 and was posted it was posted on a Google Drive file, but please note that it will not play if you are using Edge. It will play if you use Chrome, though. google drive file

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