Teen Angel (partially found Disney serial drama; 1989)

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Buzz gunderson.jpg

A still of Jason Priestley as main character Buzz Gunderson.

Status: Partially Found

Teen Angel (not to be confused with the 1997 sitcom of the same name) was a fantasy serial drama that aired on the Disney Channel in 1989, debuting on The All New Mickey Mouse Club on April 24th, 1989, and ending on May 22nd of the same year.

The show starred a pre-Beverly Hills, 90210 Jason Priestley as greaser guardian angel Buzz Gunderson, who died in a car wreck in 1959. Buzz would be given various assignments and tasks to complete in order to get into heaven.

A sequel series, Teen Angel Returns, with Priestley and future Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Jennie Garth, followed. It aired from October 2nd to 22nd, 1989.

Only two segments have resurfaced online, though dubbed in German. According to research, the show seems to have a large German fanbase, possibly explaining why most of the only information on the show is in German.


The official English titles are unknown, but IMDb has a list of the episodes (each title in German)

Episode Name Status
Episode 1 Partially Found (German)
Episode 2 Partially Found (German)
Episode 3 Lost
Episode 4 Lost
Episode 5 Lost
Episode 6 Lost
Episode 7 Lost
Episode 8 Lost
Episode 9 Lost
Episode 10 Lost
Episode 11 Lost
Episode 12 Lost


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