That '70s Show "Celebration Day" (found deleted footage of episode of Fox sitcom; 2003)

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A still from the episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 28 Oct 2019

Found by: SpacemanDoug

The season 5 finale of That '70s Show originally aired as a 27-minute long super-sized episode that has never been released beyond the first airing in 2003. All reruns, syndicated, and home video versions have all been of a cut down 22-minute version with all of the music changed. It wasn't until fairly recently that these scenes were made public on the internet.[1]


The episode involves the gang the night before they all graduate from high school. They all decide to go camping and a bunch of things goes wrong. In the meantime, Fez has to deal with getting possibly deported back to his country and trying to enjoy his last day in America as much as he can. Plus, Kitty is having a hard time with the realization that her kids are growing up and Red has to deal with it along the way.

Problems on Home Video

The entire show has had a problematic history on home video. Almost all of the music that originally aired with the episodes when the show was in its original FOX run was changed for DVD due to them not re-obtaining the rights for those songs (but "Celebration Day" was the only episode to have actual footage removed after its original run).


Here are some of the differences regarding the deleted scenes:

  • An opening prologue recapping the events of previous episodes.
  • More dialogue in the opening scene between Hyde, Kelso, and Fez.
  • Various extra bits of dialogue at the campsite.
  • An additional scene showing how sad Bob is about his daughter growing up.
  • A scene where Red fantasizes about turning the basement into a sports-themed man-cave.
  • Two extensions of the scene in the basement when Eric and Donna are packing their boxes.
  • Additional dialogue towards the end with the scene in the driveway.


Here are the deleted scenes from the original broadcast, courtesy of the user RaccoonWarriorPrincess:

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