The Avengers "Nightmare" (lost episode of British television series; 1961-1962)

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Status: Lost

Nightmare is a lost Avengers episode from 1961, of which neither script nor prints exists.


Dr. David Keel is kidnapped from his own home by two men posing as M.I.5 agents, who assume he is Dr. Braintree, a missing scientist working on a gas that produces amnesia. After escaping from the men, Keel returns home, where he receives a call from Faith Braintree, who is worried about her lost husband. Steed has Keel, who is a near-exact double for Braintree, impersonate him at the lab where Braintree works. After actually entering the lab, Keel is once again found by the two men, possibly due to a tip-off from Braintree's assistant. Wounded during the struggle by the man's second shot - the first hit the gas tank in the lab - Keel is recaptured and is grilled by the two men, and possibly subjected to sensory deprivation, during which he gives them fake information given him earlier by Steed. Rescued by Steed again, Keel is taken to hospital, where Dr. Miller, the anesthetic expert, substitutes a painted canister of nitrogen for one of the oxygen canisters. Steed manages to prevent Keel's death. Braintree is found, and as Keel recovers from his injury, he and the Braintrees celebrate their reunion along with Steed.


This is the one Avengers episode about which the least is known. The Big Finish reconstruction is based on the rumors surrounding the episode that has persisted for the last 60 years.

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