The Beatles "I Am the Walrus" (lost complete version of song; 1967)

"I Am the Walrus" (complete version)
The Beatles, in a promotional image from the Magical Mystery Tour era.
The Beatles, in a promotional image from the Magical Mystery Tour era.
Status Lost

I Am the Walrus is a song by the British band The Beatles released in 1967. The song was released on their album Magical Mystery Tour, as a B-side to their popular single Hello, Goodbye, and as a song on the TV movie Magical Mystery Tour.[1] The song makes allusions to pop culture including Lewis Carroll's "The Walrus and the Carpenter" and Shakespeare's famous play "King Lear".[2]

Many different versions of the song were released separately. One example of this is how the original 6-beat intro was cropped down to a 4-beat intro. The earliest stereo mix also includes the same 4-beat intro while the earliest mono mix usually heard on a US single has an extra bar as an instrumental intermission right before the lyrics: "Yellow matter custard".

Since no complete version of this song, or the original from which these recordings were mixed, has ever been released, Capitol Records created its own stereo mix by using the UK stereo and the US mono mixes for the Rarities album released in 1980. This is available to listen to below. It's unknown whether or not the original primary recording will be released.


"I Am The Walrus" from "Beatles Rarities" (video likely blocked in most countries).


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