The Blair Witch Project (lost Amazon exclusive deleted scene of supernatural horror film; 1999)

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A picture of Heather in the deleted scene.

Status: Lost

In September of 1999, Artisan Pictures had teamed up with Amazon to create a special page for their film, The Blair Witch Project.[1] Amazon had released a deleted scene that was exclusively released on their platform as part of Artisan Picture's internet marketing campaign. This was the first time Amazon ever used streaming, and would let users view it through Real Player. According to an archive of Amazon's website, the deleted scene would not be released anywhere else.[2]

The Deleted Scene

Not much is known about the deleted scene, but according to Amazon's own website, the deleted scene took place in the motel where Heather, Josh, and Mike were staying.


Around 2001 or 2002, Amazon had taken the deleted scene off their servers. Since then, no copy of this deleted scene has ever surfaced online.

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