The Blues Brothers: The Animated Series (lost episodes of movie based TV series; 1997)

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Status: Lost

The Blues Brothers: The Animated Series is an unaired animated adaptation of The Blues Brothers that would have aired on UPN. The series was set to star the brothers of the original movie's actors (Peter Aykroyd in Dan's place, and Jim Belushi in John's place), but for unknown reasons, the series never aired.


In 1997, Dan Aykroyd sold the rights to The Blues Brothers to the TV network UPN. Film Roman, the animation company that produced The Simpsons, animated eight of the thirteen episodes ordered by the network. However, in late 1997, the series was cancelled, and the eight episodes were never aired.

The fansite Blues Brothers Central provides not only an episode list but a cast list as well. As stated above, The Blues Brothers themselves, Elwood and Jake, were not voiced by their original actors (due to John Belushi's death in 1982). However, Aykroyd and Belushi's brothers, Peter Aykroyd and Jim Belushi, offered to take up the roles and were cast as the "new" Blues Brothers. The site also says that the eight episodes were shown at MIPCOM (a TV entertainment market/festival of sorts, held once a year in Cannes).[1] Even still, the series has yet to be released in any form.

Excerpt and Availability

In November 2015, an early rough cut of the promo video likely screened at MIPCOM surfaced online, but has since been lost. Although some voice acting had been recorded at the time, all of the planned footage, including an introduction where Jake and Elwood run over, maim, or belittle various other network mascots, still remained in animatic form. Various live-action clips, both of "archival footage" from Saturday Night Live and of the cast and crew at work, were also intended to be shown, but had yet to be produced or licensed. On May 2016 an entire episode was uploaded online (also in animatic form), but has also since been deleted.



Animatic for the Season one episode 4.
Promo for the animated series.