The Book of Pooh (partially lost episodes of Disney TV show; 2001-2004)

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The show's title card.

Status: Partially Lost

The Book of Pooh is a show that originally aired on Disney Channel's former Playhouse Disney programming block from 2001-2004. Despite the mass popularity of the Winnie the Pooh franchise, this is one of the rarest Winnie the Pooh shows with 51 episodes produced and only 12 of them released on home video. Although the direct to video movie Stories From the Heart recycles three episodes, the order of the individual stories is switched around and differs from the actual episodes. Additionally, the original English versions of several songs have been released on compilation albums. But apart from these releases and the recordings of the very few people who taped the show when it was still on Playhouse Disney, some episodes of the series remain to be seen.

The entire series, save for one episode, was been recorded in German and was previously available for download. However, due to a change in policy for the site the episodes were uploaded to, the links no longer work, and the original uploader has yet to replace them. Furthermore, the German dub used the original versions of the Season 1 episodes (with no recaps and an extended credits sequence). Very few of the original versions of the Season 1 episodes have surfaced in English. The chances of such a find are very slim as recaps were added to the show as early as July 2001 meaning someone would have to have recorded the show very early in its run to have an original.

Simply put, the whereabouts of The Book of Pooh are unusually confusing and elusive for a Disney show.

VHS Compilations

Most VHS tapes have been found and uploaded to YouTube, by Tommy Sapphire, including A Valentine for Eeyore, Fun with Friends, Fun with Make Believe,Fun with Manners, Fun with Words, and Just Say BOO. Another YouTuber, Phineas0And0Ferb, uploaded the special Stories From the Heart.

A Japanese DVD of The Wishing Tree has also been found and ripped by Wiki user KristoHam. However, the DVD only contained the Japanese language track, so the English version remained missing until recently.


Behind the Scenes


A great number of episodes have been uploaded, by a Playhouse Disney fan channel and are featured down below. In addition, another fan with multiple recordings of the show posted more of the episodes on Google Drive and Google Photos (including some from CDCB); these are also featured below.

# Episode Titles Status
1 Best Wishes, Winnie the Pooh / Double Time Found
2 Are You Me? / Rabbit's Happy Birthday Party Found
3 Circumference = Pirate's 'Arrr' Squared / Pooh's to Do Found
4 Pigletry / Dinosnores Found
5 My Gloomy Valentine/ Mr. Narrator Found
6 Whooo Dunnit / Biglet Found
7 I Could Have Laughed All Night / X Spots the Mark Found
8 I Came, I Sowed, I Conked It / I Get a Cake Out of You Found
9 Vegetable of Contents / A Welcome to Beat the Band With Found
10 Owl's Book / Tigger's Autobiography Found
11 You Can Lead Eeyore to Books / The Spice of Life FoundFound
12 Mr. Narrator / Honey Glazed Hamlet Found
13 Bee-Friended / The Nightmare Found
14 A Win Who Won Situation / Best Wishes, Winnie the Pooh Found
15 Biglet / Home Very Sweet Home Found
16 Don Pooh-Xote / Beastly Burden Found
17 It's a Bird? Yes! / A Breezy Little Story Found
18 The Small Wonders / Are You Me? Found
19 Night of the Brussels Sprout / I Could Have Laughed All Night Found
20 Kessie Wises Up / Eeyore's Tailiversary Found Found
21 The Words Are Out / Brain Drain Found
22 Pleas and Thank You's / The Rumor Millstone Found
23 Busy as a Spelling Bee / Up in the Air Junior Bird Donkey Found
24 Tigger's Replacement / Over the Hill Found
25 Take Me to What River? / My Gloomy Valentine Lost
26 Greenhorn with a Green Thumb / Night of the Waking Tigger Found
27 The Wood Without Pooh / Friends of a Different Stripe Found
28 Mothers of Invention / Once Upon a Happy Ending Found Found
29 Piglet's Perfect Party / A Wood Divided Found
30 Day of the Knights / Come as Eeyore Found
31 Bravehat / Scaredy Cat Found
32 On a Clear Day You Can Bounce Forever / The Best Day Ever Found
33 Roo Sticks / The Hundred Acre Scrapbook Found
34 Where the Heffalumps Roam / And a Good Time Was Had By All Found
35 What's News, Tigger Cat? / Pooh's 24 Hour Bug Found
36 Blue Ribbon Bunny / Under the Pig Top Found
37 The Best Laid Planets / Happy Harvest Hare Found
38 Bounce of a Lifetime / Hare and Share Alike Found
39 The Terrific Talking Tomato / Kessie Flies for a Spell Found
40 The Book of Boo Found
41 Kessie Gets the Message / Map of the Wood Found
42 The Stickiest Glue of All / A Smackeral in Every Pot Found
43 Do the Roo / Buck-a-Roo Found
44 Could it Be Magic? / Diary of a Mad Gardener Partially Lost (German)
45 I Was King of the Heffalumps / Tigger's Club Found
46 Chez Piglet / Pandora's Suggestion Box Found
47 Enter Braying / Weather or Not Found
48 The Case of the Disappeared Donkey / The Littlest Dinosnore Found
49 Piglet's Inadvertent Adventure / Power of the Pencil Found
50 The Wishing Tree Found
51 The Great Honey Pot / Paging Piglet Found