The Exxxceptions: Episode 6 (partially found pornographic video; 2017)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter/visuals.

August Ames in The Exxxeptions Part 6.jpg

August Ames in a promotional photo for The Exxxeptions: Part 6

Status: Partially Found

The Exxxceptions: Episode 6 is the final installment in Brazzers' The Exxxceptions online pornographic series and August Ames' last known Brazzers video before her death.

It was originally set for release on December 7th, 2017,[1] but due to the suicide of August Ames two days prior[2] Brazzers decided to postpone the release of the video.[3]

Brazzers still lists The Exxxceptions as a 6 part series despite only parts 1-5 being available.[4]


The only footage of the video is from a mirror of the trailer, posted onto Pornhub[5]. Several production stills have also ben found on a site mirror.[6]

A possible description of the video has been found from a site mirror but its authenticity is unconfirmed.[7]

August Ames' current Brazzers profile photo (as of October 22nd, 2019) is a promotional photo on the set of the shooting.[8]

No further update from Brazzers has been given to when this will be released but it's unlikely to be officially released due to the controversy surrounding August Ames' suicide.

Possible Description

Good Slut Bailey and her new friend Johnny are on the run from Evils Sluts Monique and August. After a thrilling car chase, the Evil Sluts have them trapped in an abandoned warehouse. Good slut Luna shows up to save Bailey, but the rescue mission turns into a competitive four girl orgy that leaves Bailey wondering if she'd have more fun on the evil side…[7]