The Fabulous Fanny (lost Lee Frost sex comedy film; 1975)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its explicit nudity and sexual content.


Poster of the film's original release.

Status: Lost

The Fabulous Fanny (Working Title: The Coming of Seymour) is a 1975 sex comedy film that was directed by Lee Frost and produced by Wes Bishop. It starred Alan Spitz, Murphy Cross, Diane Summerfield and Connie Marie. The film's a sequel to The Boob Tube. The run time of the film is 87 minutes[1].


A couple goes to an X-rated motel and becomes involved with the zany story they are watching on X-rated TV. It is about the voluptuous cartoon character of Fanny, who dominates the daydreams of young Seymour. It is this sexual obsession with a fictitious character that stands in the way of his siring a child that will enable him to inherit the family fortune.

Seymour thoroughly enjoys his attempts to impregnate as many beautiful women as possible, but each time he is unable to reach that million-dollar climax. Potency does not let him down – it just keeps him from his riches.

Not until Terri, the girl next door, learns about his secret love is it possible for Seymour and the impossible dream to come together.


  • Alan Spitz as Seymour
  • Murphy Cross as Linda
  • Diane Sommerfield as H.T. Washington
  • Connie Marie as Fanny
  • Paula Mitchell as Louise
  • Angela Field as Dr. Clitstone
  • Peter Dane as Lawyer
  • Ken Scott as Rabbi
  • Honey Saunders as Mother
  • Patrice Rohmer as Sandy
  • Cindy Arnold as Rabbi's Girl
  • Lee O'Donnell as Quasi
  • Kelly Patten, Christine Burk, Joyce Mandel, Rene Bond, and Signe Johnson as The Party Girls


  • Director: Lee Frost
  • Producer: Wes Bishop
  • Screenplay: Cass Martin, Norman Spelvin
  • Director of Photography: Mark Wade
  • Film Editor: John Hayes
  • Production Manager & Assistant Director: Carl Olsen
  • Sound Mixer: Art Names
  • Still Man: Ken Scott
  • Music Supervisor: Igo Kantor
  • Script Supervisor: Karen Arthur
  • Set Decorator: Schotzie Barron
  • Property Master: Richard Schuyler
  • Wardrobe: Donna Allen
  • Technical Advisor: Orla Rivers
  • Makeup: Ray Sebastian
  • Key Grip: Jack Oliver
  • Grip: Phillip Hoover
  • Boom Man: Lee O'Donnell
  • Production Assistant: Cass Martin
  • Casting: Don Chastain
  • Production Company: Kybo Production


The film was screened on December 18th, 1975 in Melbourne, Australia as The Coming of Seymour. It also was released in the United States by Constellation Films Inc. (Independent-International Pictures Inc.) on February 9th, 1977[2]. The film's re-cut version was screened on March 16th, 1978 as The Boob Tube Strikes Again![3]. The last screening of the film was on May 31st, 1982[4].


In 1976, the film was banned in the United Kingdom by the British Board of Film Classification due to its explicit pornographic content.


As of November 2008, the film is unavailable online. Due to this, it is unknown if The Fabulous Fanny was released on home video or not. No footage or trailer for the film has surfaced. However, film posters, stills and radio spots are available on the Internet.



Radio Spots

A radio commercial of the film.

Another radio commercial of the film.

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