The Farmer (partially found action film; 1977)

The Farmer (1977)
Film poster.
Film poster.
Status Partially Found

The Farmer (aka Blazing Revenge or The Killer Farmer) is a 1977 film directed by David Berlatsky in his only directorial role. The film chronicles the story of Kyle Martin, a farmer who has just returns from World War II a hero and Silver Star recipient. He's upset to find that the bank intends to foreclose his dilapidated farm, and despite his previous heroism, the creditors refuse to change their minds. Martin sets out to raise money to try and save the farm.

The film had a limited screening in public theaters in 1977, though it's believed to have been screened heavily at a variety of Marine Corps base theaters around the world. It also appeared on cable TV for a short period after its theatrical release. The film, to this day, has never received a home video release of any kind, and is heavily sought-after by collectors.

In 2006, Code Red DVD claimed that they were in the process of digitally remastering the film for an upcoming DVD release, but said release simply never came to fruition. Code Red even included its trailer on several other DVD releases. This trailer remains the only footage from the film that is publicly available. A collection of screenshots released by Code Red in 2007[1], and a few production stills and advertisements have resurfaced online.

Surviving Trailer

The released trailer for the film.

Resurfaced Stills


  1. 2007 Code Red blog post, in which 10 screenshots from the film were released. Retrieved 05 Sep '13.




11 months ago
Score 2++
This actually doesn't look that bad, hope this comes out eventually.

Rhino Ryan

8 months ago
Score 2++
Note that the poster says Columbia Pictures released the film, perhaps they are in possession of a copy.

Anonymous user #1

5 months ago
Score 2++
Colombian is probably the reason Code Red couldn't release it

Some kid 02

2 months ago
Score 1++
Yeah well, you should also consider the fact that Sony own Columbia Pictures now.

Anonymous user #2

4 months ago
Score 2++
I loved this movie when it came out in the 70s. I hope I get to purchase it at some point soon.

Anonymous user #3

2 months ago
Score 2++

This was a fantastic movie I cannot believe it has never been released somebody

needs to get that done.


1 months ago
Score 0++
Code Red gave the rights to Scorpion Releasing. One of the CEOs did not like the message of this movie and that appears to be the reason this hasn't been released yet.
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