The First Men in the Moon (lost British sci-fi film; 1919)

The First Men in the Moon (1919)
A still from the film.
A still from the film.
Status Lost

The First Men in the Moon is a 1919 British sci-fi film directed by Bruce Gordon and J.L.V. Leigh and starring Gordon, Heather Thatcher, and Lionel d'Aragon. The film is based on the H.G. Wells novel of the same name. It is notable mainly for being the first film adaptation of the author's work, as there had only previously been several films inspired by his work, such as Invisibility and Le Voleur Invisible.

Upon its initial release, The First Men in the Moon received mixed reviews. Some criticised the crude nature of the visual effects while others praised the film for preserving the appeal of the novel despite its low budget. The film soon faded into obscurity and is now listed by the British Film Institute as one of their 75 Most Wanted features.

Apart from some publicity material and a few stills, very little survives on the film, and it is unknown if it will ever resurface.



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