The Fox Cubhouse (partially found preschool anthology program; 1994-1996)

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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

The Fox Cubhouse was a preschool anthology series aired from 1994 through 1996 on Fox Kids. The series revolved around a woman named Rosie (who was replaced by a girl named Sunny in 1995), her pet alligator Gilbert, and the kids that would come to her clubhouse. The program would also showcase several children's shows. A copyright encyclopedia displays some of the episode names, and in some cases, gives the name of the show aired during the episode. All that can be found of the show are three promos, an instrumental of the closing song, a logo and a screencap from the show, and a Fox Kids magazine story, as well as the shows that aired in the block themselves (excluding Rimba's Island and Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie). According to, the show had 130 episodes.

Known Episodes from the Rosie Season (1994-1995)

Rosie, the season 1 host.

1. The Race (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

2. Friends (featuring Johnson and Friends)

3. Fruit Punch

4. Together, We Can Do Anything

5. Cammyflauge (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

7. Taking Turns (contains the Johnson and Friends episodes "Helpless" and "Moving House")

10. Let's Get Some Sleep

11. We Are Animals Too (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

12. I Need Some Help

13. Tea Party (featuring Rimba's Island)

14. Clean Up

15. Cows (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

16. Painting (featuring The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake)

17. Home is Where You Live

18. I'm Learning Everyday (featuring Johnson and Friends)

19. Hurt Teddy

20. The North Star

22. Mailvin Raps

23. Fogel's Music

24. Make Believe

25. Hop, Swim, Fly (featuring The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake)

26. We're Different

27. Sherlock Sillbert

28. Tears

29. The Band (featuring Johnson and Friends)

30. Gadzooky

32. It's Your Birthday (featuring Johnson and Friends)

34. The Ghost

35. Abra Can Cram

36. Friends (featuring The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake)

38. Safety

39. Nature Scout (featuring Johnson and Friends)

40. Listen to the Animals (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

41. So Sorry (featuring The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake)

42. Make Believe

43. Lost (featuring Rimba's Island)

44. Mail Order

45. Home is the Place To Be (featuring The Animal Show With Stinky and Jake)

46. Cock-A-Doodle-Do (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)

49. Share, Share, Share

50. The Seashell

51. Yummy Food

52. We Are All The Colors Of The Rainbow

53. Why?

57. Let's Get Some Sleep

56. Twinkle, Twinkle

59. Tuxedo

60. Mail

62. The Mop

63. Hugs

65. Colors

67. Exit All

68. Three

70. Lunchtime

71. Bugs

74. Food

75. Silbert's Dinner

77. Secret Plot

78. Alone

Known Episodes of the Sunny Season (1995-1996)

  • September 11, 1995: We Are Family
  • September 15, 1995: The Burning Bundt
  • September 18, 1995: Runaway Rubadub (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)
  • September 22, 1995: And The Leader Is... (featuring The Animal Show with Stinky and Jake)
  • September 25, 1995: Fracula
  • September 28, 1995: Fore!
  • September 29, 1995: Life is Like an Ice Cream Bar
  • November 6, 1995: Cry Wolf
  • November 10, 1995: Apple Pie
  • November 17, 1995: Babaloo Bongos
  • November 27, 1995: Families
  • November 28, 1995: Bugs and Boats On The Bottom (featuring the Magic Adventures of Mumfie episode "Foe Or Friend?")
  • November 30, 1995: I Found It
  • December 1, 1995: Showdown at the OK Cubhouse
  • December 5, 1995: No Drum Roll (featuring the Johnson and Friends episode "The Toy Orchestra" and Magic Adventures of Mumfie episode "A Treasure Beyond Price")
  • December 7, 1995: Baby Blues
  • December 14, 1995: Mr. Pillow
  • January 25, 1996: The Secret
  • February 5, 1996: Case of the Chopped Greens
  • February 19, 1996: Where Unicorns Roam
  • The Balloonatic
  • The Swap
  • Grape-Berry Picnic
  • The Thinker
  • A Nice Piece Of Fruit
  • Digging For The Truth
  • Tin Star
  • Where Rhinos Fear To Tread
  • Silly Sharing
  • A Fine Day For Croquet
  • Eyes Are The Windows
  • If It Quacks Like A Duck
  • Heads Or Tails
  • The Groups We Live In
  • Message In A Bottle
  • The Actor's Life
  • Fun Is Where The Fox Is
  • Spice Of Life
  • Dinosaur Tracks; Melissa's Dinosaur
  • A Tree In The House
  • A Tattle Tale
  • Ferocious
  • Masquerade; Charade
  • The Big Win
  • A Song For Babs
  • A Letter A Day
  • Sssizzzling Snakes!
  • Good-Bye, Dolly
  • Waiting For A Friend
  • Strong Man Freddie
  • The Dental Appointment
  • Something In The Way He Moves
  • Superfox
  • For Art's Sake
  • Our Friend, The Wind
  • The Big Ball
  • Lost Marbles
  • My Fine-Beaked Friends

Episodes from Unknown Season

  • The Big Surprise
  • Finder's Keepers
  • Hurricane Freddie
  • Bill Needs a Vacation
  • Where's Bill?
  • Diesel's Taxi
  • Train Conductor
  • Holey Pockets, Batman
  • Be A Clown
  • Warning!!!
  • I Can See Clearly
  • Behind The Fence
  • Polka Dot Elephants


A promo aired Spring 1995 for the program.
Fox Cubhouse launch promo (begins at 15:20).
The show's closing theme.
A promo for Season 2 of the show, which showcases clips from Budgie the Little Helicopter and Britt Allcroft's Magic Adventures of Mumfie.