The Ghost Breaker (lost silent Wallace Reid film; 1922)

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The Ghost Breaker (1922) poster.jpg

Poster for the film.

Status: Lost

The Ghost Breaker is a 1922 American silent horror comedy directed by Alfred E. Green and starring Wallace Reid. The film is an adaptation of the 1909 play of the same name, written by Paul Dickey and Charles W. Goddard. It was previously adapted into a film in 1914, a version which is also lost.

It's one of the last films to star Wallace Reid before his death on January 18, 1923.

The Ghost Breaker would later be adapted into another film in the sound era: The Ghost Breakers (1940) and Scared Stiff (1953) starring Jerry Lewis.

The film premiered in New York City on September 10, 1922, and was released nationwide on October 15, 1922, by Paramount Pictures.


The plot involves a young man and his manservant who are escaping from a backwoods family feud. They are persuaded by a beautiful young heiress to help her get rid of ghosts in her newly-gained Spanish castle.

The ghostly sightings, however, are the work of the Duke d'Alba, who hopes to seize the castle's hidden treasure and use it to win the hand of the heiress.[1]


The film has been lost for many years and only stills, posters and newspaper advertisements survive.



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