The Governator (partially found cancelled animated series; 2011)

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Poster for the animated series from Entertainment Weekly.

Status: Partially Found

The Governator is a cancelled animated TV series and comic book series created by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stan Lee in 2011.[1] The series was supposed to be a superhero show about Schwarzenegger’s time after leaving office as governor of California, combining personalities from on-screen roles and personal life to base his character. It was inspired by his desire to return to entertainment after serving in office.

A trailer was created and released for the series with an anticipated series premiere in 2012 as a part of his announced return to Hollywood. However, after his affair and scandals in 2011, the series was cancelled before it was released.[2]

It’s unknown exactly how much of the series was created before its cancellation beyond the trailer and some drawing board images published by Entertainment Weekly.[3]


First trailer.