The Graham Norton Show (lost Russell Brand outburst footage from British comedy talk show; 2012)

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Russel Brand on The Graham Norton Show

Status: Lost

In mid June 2012, during the taping of an episode of The Graham Norton Show, a heated exchange occurred between host Graham Norton and guest Russell Brand after Norton brought up Brand's ex-wife Katy Perry (who had only recently divorced Brand), stating that he thought Brand had been "very dignified" about the divorce. Ignoring the statement, Brand turned to the audience for a moment, and then lashed out at Norton, stating that he had stabbed Brand in the back, and saying that his mother was "upset when [he] dragged up [his] marriage", going on to blame Norton for making his mother cry when he was simply promoting a film and claiming that he now saw Norton as "that sort of person".

Norton then hurriedly explained that Perry had been on the show the week beforehand, and stated that if he didn't ask, that it "would have been weird", which Brand mocked while continuing to berate him. Norton apologized shortly after.[1] However, Brand later made a vague reference to the incident when he met the Dalai Lama later the same week, stating that "someone" had been rude to him recently. The Dalai Lama advised Brand to forgive the person for their wrongdoings, with Brand questioning that he could "forgive the human being but still resist the action". The Dalai Lama answered simply "That is right".


Despite the incident receiving international news coverage, when the episode aired on June 15th of that year, the entire confrontation had been cut from the broadcast. The show's publicist, Mary Collins, has stated that the scene was cut for "quality reasons", and not because of the confrontation that had occurred, although many believe otherwise. As of yet, no footage of the incident has been released.


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