The Handlers (partially found web series; 2011)

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Presumed title card for the show.

Status: Partially Found

The Handlers was a 2011 web series starring Bryan Cranston as inexperienced political candidate Jack Power, and his team of campaign operatives who try increasingly extreme measures to help get him elected.


The Handlers is an adaptation of the 2007 French TV show Henaut President. According to Cranston, Jamie Bruce told him about the French show, which gave him the idea to shoot an American web series adaptation for production company Avalon Television, in the hopes that it could get picked up as a full series. [1] Alongside Cranston's Jack Power, the series featured Gary Anthony Williams, Josh Dean, Matt Braunger, and Andrea Cansler as recurring cast members, presumably playing the title handlers.[2] One season of 8 episodes was produced.

Availability was shuttered by Viacom in 2012, with its operations merged into Comedy Central's online operations. The series was apparently available on Comedy Central's website afterwards for a time, but cannot be found there anymore.[3] It was also available on the free version of Hulu in 2012.[4] No sign of the series being uploaded elsewhere has been found, although two clips of "The Handlers" survive as part of SideReel's What's New on Web TV YouTube series.

Episode List

# Episode Title Duration and Description Air Date Status
1 The Focus Group (3:34) Expert political spin doctors know how to turn even the most mundane speech into steamy, ratings-grabbing viral gold.[2] or Jack Power's oral faux pas during a campaign speech has unexpected positive effects.[5] January 3, 2011 May be partially found (clip is from Episode 1 or 2)
2 Prostitute (3:25) It's up to Jack Power's team of spin doctors to make a non-salacious story appealing to the pervy everyman. [6]or Politician Jack Power gets caught with his pants up.[5] January 3, 2011 May be partially found (clip is from Episode 1 or 2)
3 Poster (3:18) The Handlers may have gone a bit too overboard making Jack (Bryan Cranston) seem approachable in his latest publicity pictures. [7]or Jack (Bryan Cranston) makes tough color decisions about his campaign posters.[5] January 10, 2011 Lost
4 Mustache (2:36) When it comes to facial hair, a derby can make all the difference.[8] or Jack battles the Handlers over the fate of his new mustache.[5] January 17, 2011 Partially found
5 The Announcement (2:48) The Handlers fill Jack's campaign audience through underhanded means.[9] or The Handlers pad some pockets to score good press.[5] January 24, 2011 Lost
6 The Video Chat (1:50) Jack Power (Bryan Cranston) reveals more to his voters than he intends to. [5] January 31, 2011 Lost
7 The Slogan (2:00) A slogan can make or break a candidate's campaign. The Handler's probably should have spent a bit more time on Jack Power's.[10] or The Handlers have an unsurprisingly crude brainstorming session in the quest for Jack's new political slogan. [5] February 7, 2011 Lost
8 The Home Tour (2:56) Jack takes voters on a trip down memory lane. It's a really, really bad trip. [5] February 14, 2011 Lost


(0:52-1:21) A discussion of the show, along with a clip of Episode 1 or 2, from SideReel.

(1:22-1:48) Another discussion of the show from SideReel, containing a clip of Episode 4.

Screenshot of Episode 2 used by The New York Times.