The House Without a Key (lost mystery film serial based on book; 1926)

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Status: Lost

The House Without a Key is the first film adaptation of the Charlie Chan novel by the same name. It is a silent serial.


The story begins with young John Quincy Winterslip bringing a box over to Honolulu for his Uncle Dan Winterslip, who wishes to destroy it. Dan is later found murdered, and it turns out he was part of a human smuggling ring, years before. The man seeking the box is Captain Amos, who wishes to recover a lost necklace he gave Dan years ago. Eventually, Dan's gold is found and Charlie Chan is able to pinpoint Jennison, Dan's attorney, as the killer by tracing a watch Jennison had given away to him.


  • The serial ran for 12 episodes and was remade as "Charlie Chan's Greatest Case," (a feature film which is also lost). Charlie was portrayed by a Japanese actor named Sojin Kamiwara. And Frank Lackteen had a role as a villainous character.

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