The King Kong Show (partially found Rankin/Bass animated TV series based on monster adventure film; 1966-1969)

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Status: Partially Found

King Kong, known as The King Kong Show amongst fans, was a 1966 animated cartoon loosely based on the film King Kong (1933). The series was a collaboration between Videocraft, later known as Rankin/Bass (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman) and Toei Animation (Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball Z). It ran on ABC from 1966 to 1969.[1] King Kong consisted of three segments: a King Kong cartoon, a Tom of T.H.U.M.B. cartoon, and a second King Kong cartoon, filling a 30-minute time slot. This cartoon would serve as a basis for the Toho film King Kong Escapes, which Rankin/Bass would collaborate on as well.


Kong, in relation to the Bond family.

Both the first and third cartoons of each show focus on King Kong. Professor Bond travels to Mondo Island with his daughter Susan and his son Bobby for research purposes. Bobby quickly becomes enthralled at the rumors of 'Kong,' a supposed giant beast of Mondo Island. After being tasked by his father to locate some unique moss on the island, Bobby stumbles across an ancient jungle inhabited by dinosaurs and is soon chased down by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. King Kong quickly shows up and rescues Bobby from his assailant. Bobby befriends Kong and takes him back to camp, where he meets the other Bonds and Captain Englehorn. Kong quickly becomes an asset to the family after he saves the family from a tidal wave. Kong now assists the Bond family as they research the mysteries of Mondo Island, even combating villains and giant monsters as the situation arises.[2][3]

Tom of T.H.U.M.B. title card.

Between the King Kong cartoons was a second series called Tom of T.H.U.M.B. This series is a parody of spy movies loosely based on the Tom Thumb fairy tale. It is similar in concept to the Hanna-Barbara cartoon Inch High Private Eye. Tom is a maintenance man that was accidentally struck with a shrink ray along with his assistant Swingin' Jack. He created the Tiny Human Underground Military Bureau (T.H.U.M.B.) to use his new size for the benefit of his country as a secret agent.[4] However, the inexperience of himself and Swingin' Jack as real agents, in addition to their size, tend to hinder their attempts to complete top-secret missions. Unfortunately, these two are all that stand between M.A.D. and world domination.

Tom snatches a match from Swingin' Jack before he can light it next to an explosive.


10 full shows have been released on 2 DVDs under the title King Kong: the Animated Series, not to be confused with Kong: The Animated Series. Each DVD contains 4 complete shows (including the Tom of T.H.U.M.B. segments) and half of the hour-long pilot, with both DVDs together completing the pilot. This makes 10 full shows available at the moment, well short of King Kong's 25 show run. Strangely, text on the back of the DVDs implies that they were both meant to be part of the same set, boasting that "this special two-disc DVD edition of 'The King Kong Show' features eight thrilling half-hour programs and a special extended-length pilot episode." This is only true if both DVDs are owned. With the exception of episodes "King Kong's House", "MechaniKong", "Thousand Year Knockout", "Desert City", and "Murderer's Maze", which were found on[5], the other 15 shows in their entirety have yet to see a release in any form. As VCRs did not become widely used until the 1970s, home recordings of King Kong are not likely. A potential Volume 3 may have been planned, but was put on indefinite hiatus, as cover art has surfaced.

Show King Kong Status Tom of T.H.U.M.B. Status King Kong Status
Pilot A Friend in Need Found (On DVD) The Key to the City Found (On DVD)
1 Under the Volcano Found (On DVD) For the Last Time, Feller... I'm Not Bait! Found (On DVD) The Treasure Trap Found (On DVD)
2 The Horror of Mondo Island Found (On DVD) Hey, That Was a Close One World! Found (On DVD) Dr. Who Found (On DVD)
3 Rocket Island Found (On DVD) I Was a 9 1/2 oz. Weakling Till One Day... Found (On DVD) The African Bees Found (On DVD)
4 The Hunter Found (On DVD) I Was a Starling for the USA! Found (On DVD) The Space Men Found (On DVD)
5 The Jinx of the Sphinx Found (On DVD) Cool Nerves and... Steady Hands Found (On DVD) The Greeneyed Monster Found (On DVD)
6 The Top of the World Found (On DVD) All Guys From Outer Space Are Creeps Found (On DVD) The Golden Temple Found (On DVD)
7 The Electric Circle Found (On DVD) Mechanical Granma Found (On DVD) Mirror of Destruction Found (On DVD)
8 Tiger Tiger Found (On DVD) The Day We Almost Had It Found (On DVD) The Vise of Dr. Who Found (On DVD)
9 King Kong's House Found Tom Makes History Lost MechaniKong Found
10 The Giant Sloths Lost Tom Scores Again Lost The Legend of Loch Ness Lost
11 Dr. Bone Lost Blow, Jack, Blow! Lost No Man's Snowman Lost
12 The Desert Pirates Lost Tom and the TV Pirates Lost Command Performance Lost
13 The Sea Surrounds Us Lost The Girl From M.A.D. Lost Show Biz Lost
14 The Wizard of Overlord Lost Just One of Those Nights Lost Perilous Porpoise Lost
15 The Trojan Horse Lost Runt of 1,000 Faces Lost The Man From K.O.N.G. Lost
16 Carribean Cruise Lost Hello, Dollies! Lost Diver's Dilemma Lost
17 The Great Sun Spots Lost Pardner Lost Kong is Missing Lost
18 In the Land of the Giant Trees Lost Beans is Beans Lost Captain Kong Lost
19 Statue of Liberty Play Lost What Goes Up... Lost Pandora's Box Lost
20 Thousand Year Knockout Found Our Man, the Monster Lost Desert City Found
21 Eagle Squadron Lost Never Trust a Clam Lost The Kong of Stone Lost
22 Murderer's Maze Found Drop That Ocean, Feller Lost Great Gold Strike Found
23 It Wasn't There Again Today Lost Plug That Leak Lost The Mad Whale Lost
24 The King Kong Diamond Lost The Scooby Lost Anchors Away Lost

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