The Mountain Goats (unreleased songs from American indie folk band; 1990s-present)

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The band members (top) Jon Wurster, (left to right) Matt Douglas, John Darnielle, and Peter Hughes.

Status: Lost

The Mountain Goats are an indie folk band that formed in 1991. Since their formation, they've released around 350-400 songs. Despite the steady flow of releases, some of their songs have gone unreleased. Some of their unreleased songs include:

  • 'History of the Church' (Part 1) (this was played once at Munchie's, a club in Pomona, California.)
  • 'Chilean Fire Barrel' (played on KSPC radio December 13, 1992.)
  • 'Going to California' (also played at Munchie's once.)
  • 'Pennsylvania Dutch Treat' (played April 4, 1998, at Duke Coffeehouse, Durham.)
  • 'Pure Sun' (played on August 23, 1994, in Massachusetts.)
  • 'We Shall All Be Healed' (I don't remember when it was played.)
  • 'I Might Compare' (this had one appearance at the Castro Theatre in California on December 14, 2010.)
  • 'You Take the High Road' (made its only appearance in Athens Georgia on January 23, 1999.)
  • 'Italian Guns' (appeared partially in Pennsylvania at the Rangos Ballroom in 2014.)
  • 'Hommel West' (played at Off Broadway in St. Louis on September 8, 2015.)