The Munsters "Marineland Carnival" (partially found special from CBS sitcom series; 1965)

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Munsters marineland carnival.jpg

Two of the Munsters posing outside Marineland Carnival.

Status: Partially Found

In between the first and second series of The Munsters, they appeared in a one-hour special called Marineland Carnival, 18 April 1965. It featured the entire original cast on location. The reason for their visit is that they are looking for a new pet for Eddie. Musical numbers are provided by the New Christy Minstrels.

It was shot, of course, entirely in Marineland in the Pacific, an oceanarium and tourist attraction in California (which closed in 1987). The park managed to attract several TV programs over the years, even the A-team, until right before it closed; and even years after its sudden closure it is still used as a filming location.

Reviewers who have seen the Marineland special - namely those of the San Diego Reader and Pop Colorture - describe it as not too good, and a commercial for Marineland, that did not change any schedule to facilitate the filming. The show was not written by the regular writers, Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.

It was shot on videotape and never repeated. A kinescope (a film copy) exists at the Paley Center in New York.[1] The reviewers above also note that the film has severely deteriorated. In late 2016, it was posted on, as mention on Sitcomsonline and on Facebook.[2][3] However, has since taken the video offline, so it has gone back to being lost.

See also the second pilot of The Munsters, which was found and still remains, for now at least, on

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Promo for the special.

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