The Paz Show (partially lost TLC/Discovery Kids Interstitial series; 2003-2006)

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Paz with his friends.

Status: Partially Lost

The Paz Show is a series of animated shorts that aired in between preschool shows on the "Ready Set Learn" block on Discovery Kids and TLC.

It focused on the adventures of a penguin named Paz and his friends as they learned lessons in life.

Out of the 80 episodes, 69 animated episodes are uploaded on youtube and, only a few episodes puppet segments have been uploaded. there are also several DVDs of Ready Set Learn shows that contain the Paz segments.

There are puppet shorts shown before and after each short was played. There more obscure to come by and only 3 technical episodes are found complete due to the missing puppet segments.



3 full episodes, containing the puppet segments have surfaced "The Magic Show", "Scooter", and "The Tortoise and the Hare",

69 animated episodes have surfaced on YouTube under a user called the PAZ show.

First 5 episodes of the cartoon segments. Rest of the 69 episodes are uploaded by the same user.
Magic show complete episode.