The Pingu Show (partially found episodes of children's stop-motion anthology TV series; 2006-2007)

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Status: Partially Found

The Pingu Show was an anthology spinoff of the Swiss-British children's television series, Pingu. Each episode contained brand new sketches, two previous episodes from Pingu and Penguin Facts with Professor Pingu, in which the audience would be taught more about real-life penguins. It ran from August 2006-November 2007. It aired on CBeebies in the United Kingdom and EBS in South Korea.

To date, only sixteen of the over fifty episodes have been found. However, the titles of most of the remaining episodes are available through the CBeebies' program listing.[1]

Episodes List[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Status
Pingu and the Lost Rabbit/Pingu Finishes the Job Lost
Pingu Camps Out/Pingu Makes a Splash Found
Pingu has the Hiccups/Pingu and the Papier-Mache Lost
Balloon and Hole Lost
Hat and Braces Lost
Pretends and Plane Lost
Vase and Kiss Found
Game of Fish and Quarrels Found
Hello Pingu/Pingu Runs Away Found
Little Accidents/Pingu and the Seagull Found
Balancing and Stinky Lost
Pancakes and Pottery Lost
Paint and Tag Lost
Doorbell and Toy Shop Found
Knitting and Sticking Lost
Green Eyed Pingu/Pingi's Valentine's Card Lost
Windy Day and Bouncy Fun Lost
Tummy and Band Lost
Pingu and the Fish Flute/Poor Pingu Lost
Pingu and the Rubberband Plane/Pingu and the Daily Igloo Found
Present and Boogaloo Found
Father and Pampering Lost
Wrapping and Hose Found
Scooter and Box Found
Moon and Snowboarding Lost
Litter and Big Catch Lost
Pet and Carried Away Lost
Lost and Shadows Lost
Bird and Bottle Lost
Prank and Grandpa Lost
Museum and Painter Partially Found
Kindergarten and Journey Lost
Hospital and Skiing Lost
Pingu Gets a Bicycle/Pingu Builds a Snowman Found
Losing and Helping Lost
Pingu and the Babysitter/Pingu and the Strangers Found
Pingu's New Kite/Pingu's Birthday Lost
Pingu the Photographer/Pingu on the School Excursion Lost
Pingu Goes Away/Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice Lost
Pingu the Chef/Pingu at the Funfair Lost
Pingu's Ice Cave/Pingu's Curling Game Lost
Pingu at the Doctors/Pingu Goes Ice Surfing Found
Pingu and Pinga at Home/Pingu's Female Admirer Lost
Sledging and Barrel Organ Lost
Music Lessons/Pingu and the Icicle Musician Lost
Christmas and Packages Lost
Moonwalk and Sledging Lost
Sculptures and Snowman Lost
Flying and Snowball Found
Building Igloos and Noise Lost
Barrel of Fun/Pingu's Circus Lost
Hockey and Grandpa Lost
Tennis and School Lost
Pingu and Pinga Stay Up/Lost Baby Lost
Mail and Snowballs Found (Korean)
Fishing and Jealousy Lost
Barrel of Fun/Pingu's Dream Found
Looks After the Egg and New Arrival Found

Episodes[edit | edit source]

"Mail and Snowballs" (Korean version).
"Hello Pingu/Pingu Runs Away" and "Little Accidents/Pingu and the Seagull."
"Barrel of Fun/Pingu's Dream" and "Looks After the Egg and New Arrival."
"Game of Fish and Quarrels."
"Doorbell" and "Toy Shop."
"Scooter" and "Box."
"Present" and "Boogaloo."
"Flying" and "Snowball."
"Wrapping" and "Hose."
"Pingu and the Babysitter"/"Pingu and the Strangers."
Pingu Gets a Bicycle/Pingu Builds a Snowman."
"Pingu at the Doctors/Pingu Goes Ice Surfing."
"Pingu and the Rubberband Plane/Pingu and the Daily Igloo."
"Pingu Camps Out/Pingu Makes a Splash."
"Vase and Kiss."

Other[edit | edit source]

"A Small Clip Of "Museum And Painter"
A Fact & Segment From an Unknown Episode
"A Promo of The Show From 2007"

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References[edit | edit source]

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