The Program (found deleted scene from drama film; 1993)

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The program movie.jpg

The film's poster

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Sept 2012

Found by: seawyatt

The Program is a drama film that was released in 1993 about the fictional college football team, the ESU Timberwolves as they deal with the pressure to make a bowl game, substance abuse, improper benefits and college life in general. The film recieved mixed reviews upon release and only made twenty three million dollars worldwide on a fifteen to twenty million dollar budget. Aside from the low reception the film recieved, the only reason why many people remember the film is a controversal scene that has since been taken out of the film.

Scene Description

The scene in question is when the character Joe Kane (played by Craig Sheffer) lies down in the middle of a road on the lane divider while heavily drunk, cars are not even missing him as they move at highway speeds, while reading a Sports Illustrated college football preview issue with him on the front cover. He comically remarks "They're talking about how good I am under pressure". Several team mates who eariler were trying to stop Kane decide that it is a test of their bravery and the team unite and join him.

Reason for Removal

This scene had influenced two separate incidents. Teenagers imitated the scene resulting in two injuries and one death. The scene ended up being removed as a result of the incident after the film's release.[1]


The only evidence of the scene was in TV commercial's for the film where a small snippet from the scene was included. Only the Hong Kong release of the film has the scene intact.


The whereabouts of the scene were unknown for almost twenty years and there were rumors that the scene was destroyed, but these rumors were never confirmed. However on September 6th, 2012, Youtube user seawyatt uploaded the scene to Youtube in english and in very low quality.[2] On December 3rd, 2016, user christhegeek517 uploaded the scene in high quality. According to the description, it was on the Hong Kong release of the film and is in Italian.


The English version.
The High Quality version in Italian from the Hong Kong version.