The Radioactive Man (lost episode of "The General Motors Theatre"; 1960)

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Status: Lost

The Radioactive Man is a lost episode of CBC's early series, The General Motors Theatre, which was later remade as the "Avengers" episode of the same name.


Marko Ogrin, a janitor working at a laboratory, picks up a disk on a rope, unaware that he has found an isotope of radium, and decides to give it as a gift to his landlady's daughter. The theft is then reported and Shore, a detective, put on the case. He picks up Marko's trail, and Marko, believing he is being pursued because he used a fake passport to enter the country, flees. [Shore is replaced by John Steed in the British version.] The isotope, it turns out, is dangerous and will bring death to anyone who comes close to Marko in ten hours as long as he possesses it. Eventually, Shore tracks him down and convinces Marko to hand the radium over to him and his men.


Marko was portrayed by Uriel Luft in the original and George Pravda in the British version. The script was written by Fred Edge, and the "Avengers" characters were added to the plot by Patrick Brawn, although he could not take credit for this because he was the script editor. Shore was portrayed by Cec Linder in the original version and (as mentioned above) this character was replaced by John Steed in the British version, although the finished episode became primarily a vehicle for Dr. David Keel, Steed's partner at that time.

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