The Return of Jezebel James (partially found sitcom TV series; 2008)

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Promotional Image for the series.

Status: Partially Found

The Return of Jezebel James was an American sitcom television series produced by Regency Television and Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions for Fox. It was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls), who also wrote the Pilot episode and co-executive produced the series with her husband Daniel Palladino. The series starred indie actress Parker Posey as a successful children's book editor who, unable to have children herself, asks her estranged younger sister (Lauren Ambrose) to carry her baby. The series aired from March 14th to March 21st in 2008, cancelled and pulled off the air after its third episode. Despite its cancellation, seven episodes are known to exist and have been previously available on iTunes and Amazon.

Although clips, TV spots, and previews have been uploaded to YouTube over the years and stills of the show are available online and on the show's IMDb, the episodes themselves are nowhere to be found either online or on home video/DVD.

Due to the series shared creator with The Gilmore Girls (Palladino), "The Gilmore Guys" have featured the show on their podcast. This led to a few people asking where the pair found the episodes on Twitter,[1] and one user named humannottaco (who appears to be inactive) claims that she has access to the first three episodes.[2] The podcast's official Twitter and one of its two hosts were contacted through direct message in November of 2017 but no response was given.


Descriptions are taken from the Amazon Prime Video listing.[3]

# Episode Title Original Airdate Description Status
1 "Pilot" March 14, 2008 In the pilot, bright, optimistic, successful children's book editor Sarah turns to her estranged and free-spirited younger sister, Coco, when she learns she cannot conceive a child herself. Can this odd couple put their differences aside for the miracle of life? Coco decides to give it a try and packs up her bags and relocates from a friend's couch to move into her sister Sarah's enormous loft, but gets more than she bargained for when she discovers she is relegated to a dismal unfinished bedroom. Lost
2 "Frankenstein Baby" March 14, 2008 Second part of the two-part pilot. Sarah's surprises continue with everything from an emergency Hello Kitty cell phone, to a visit from mom and dad; both of which take a turn for the worse. Lost
3 "Needles & Schlag" March 21, 2008 Sarah is determined to sign a 15-year-old child prodigy and get the publishing rights to his new book, and she goes to great lengths to impress the eccentric kid. Lost
4 "The Return of the Crazy Jackal Shillelagh Lady" Unaired When Talia drops in on Coco unexpectedly one too many times at the loft Coco decides it's time to get out of the house and get a job. Lost
5 "I'm With Blank" Unaired Sarah is planning a party to celebrate the new book of one her most successful authors. Lost
6 "Sarah Takes a Bullet" Unaired Sarah convinces Coco to make the dreaded trip home by promising to defend her against their parents' harsh criticisms. Lost
7 "Par 4 Sec 2" Unaired Sara and Coco have dinner at their parents' house and realize their whole family dynamic is going to change now that there might be a baby in the picture. Lost

Clips and Promos

30 second promo uploaded in 2008.
Photo shoot promo that aired on Fox in 2008.
53 second scene featuring Renee Goldsberry.

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