The Sunshine Princess (partially found Italian animated film; 1999)

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The cover image used on the film's webpage.

Status: Partially Found

The Sunshine Princess is an Italian animated film that was released in 1999, directed by Zlata Potancokova Belli. It is the third entry in a trio of similarly rare films directed by Belli, following Ali Baba and Ali Baba and the Pirates. Unlike its predecessors, home video releases of the film are either rare or non-existent in any language, though a trailer featured on the film's webpage seems to indicate an English dub was possibly completed.[1] It is possible the film may have been released on VHS by Alliance Video in Canada, who distributed the previous two films in that format.


The plot is about a wizard named Kumaz who needs to marry the sunshine princess to be young again. She, however, refuses his proposal and Kumaz takes revenge by turning her into an ugly and bad-tempered child. Her master Ali Baba and Misery the Donkey help her to regain her beauty and defeat Kumaz.


The film's main trailer, featuring an English song.
An alternative trailer, with instrumental music and one additional shot at the end.


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