The Swell Season - Onstage Suicide Tape (lost death footage; 2010)

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The Swell Season (on-stage suicide footage)
The Mountain Winery, where the suicide took place.
The Mountain Winery, where the suicide took place.
Status Lost

On August 19, 2010, during a concert by The Swell Season that was taking place at The Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California, a 32 year old man (later identified as Michael Edward Pickels) left his seat at around 10pm, climbed to a rooftop approximately 20–30 feet above the stage, and, just after the band had finished playing "When Your Mind's Made Up", jumped to his death, landing just a few feet away from singer Glen Hansard.[1]

With the crowd and band in shock, they immediately stopped everything, some rushing to the man's aid, others calling for an ambulance, although despite half an hour of CPR revival attempts by paramedics who happened to be in attendance, he was pronounced dead at the scene by a doctor who happened to be in the audience. It was later revealed that Pickels had recently been released from jail on a bail of $150,000, after being imprisoned for threatening to kill both himself and his girlfriend on New Year's Day of the same year.


While there is footage of the concert before and after the suicide, there is no known footage of the actual suicide that has been released despite the nearly 2000 concertgoers who had attended. YouTuber "Kittaan" has confirmed that they own footage of the suicide, but have chosen not to let anyone apart from the police and the band themselves see it out of respect.


Footage from just before the suicide.
More footage from just before the suicide.
Footage from just after the suicide.


  1. SFGate article on the incident. Retrieved 23 June '17.



Anonymous user #1

15 months ago
Score 0
I tried to reach out to some of the posters of these original videos, but their last uploads have all been years prior, and another cannot be contacted. Fingers crossed.


14 months ago
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it does exist this user has it: https://www....=ukdJtronxYA

Anonymous user #2

13 months ago
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I respect that they won't release it, and I am glad that footage at least exists.


6 months ago
Score 3
Super cool of them to keep it hidden. Some things, like this, just shouldn't be on display for people to watch over and over.

Anonymous user #3

1 months ago
Score -6
what a nigger he should just release it offs


1 months ago
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  1. 3, shutup


1 months ago
Score 1
Anon 3, this is really sensitive matter. I, for one, fully support their decision to not release it to the public.

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