The Ted Knight Show (partially found CBS spinoff sitcom; 1978)

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Title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

The Ted Knight Show (not to be confused with Too Close To Comfort, which also used to be named The Ted Knight Show at one point) was a short-lived sitcom starring the eponymous television star. It was a spinoff of Busting Loose, another sitcom with a short-lived run that aired in 1977.

The series, however, was even more unpopular and short-lived than Busting Loose, airing from April 8th to May 13th, 1978 and only six episodes having been produced and aired.[1] Most of the series is lost.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The series follows a divorced owner of an escort service named Mr. Dennis. Dennis "hovers" around his female coworkers such as Graziella, who is described as an air-head, foolish and ignorant; Honey, who is described as usually being the one who takes charge around the area; Irma, a timid woman; Phil, who is the only African-American working for Dennis; Cheryl; and Joy.

Dennis has a brother named Burt, who is described as not taking any silliness, and is also described as being a tyrant. His wife, Dottie, is the company's secretary.

Dennis also has a son named Winston, who repeatedly attempts to get a job as an escort, but gets distracted many times by the women working at Dennis' service.[2]

Cancellation[edit | edit source]

The Ted Knight Show had a total of only six episodes, and aired from April 8th to May 13th, 1978 (it technically premiered on October 26th, 1977, if one were to count "Mr. Dennis Steps Out" as an episode of the series). Joel Zwick, a director on the series, stated that CBS believed that Knight's popularity would help the show succeed, but the idea of a sitcom taking place in an escort service would be too bizarre for the show to gain popularity.[2]

Ted Knight himself, on the other hand, stated that it might have been a bit too early for him to make a sitcom revolving around himself at the time.[2]

Availability[edit | edit source]

Unlike its predecessor, Busting Loose, which has survived in the form of eight episodes, all six episodes of The Ted Knight Show have not surfaced online. However, the opening credits and some promos for the series can be found online.

Episode List[edit | edit source]

Episode Name Plot Status
1. The Strike All of Dennis' female employees go on strike.[3] Lost
2. My Hero Graziella leaves Dennis' company for his rival corporation when she does not get a raise as Dennis promised.[4] Lost
3. Hop To It Dennis encounters a few bizarre things during the day, including a drunken man in an Easter bunny costume, and Winston getting a job at a "tacky" clothes store.[5] Lost
4. The Wedding At Dennis' ex-wife's wedding, Honey impersonates Dennis' girlfriend.[6] Lost
5. Sweet Sixteen A teenage girl is escorted by Dennis to her sixteenth birthday party.[7] Lost
6. The Honeymoon Game Dennis is tricked into posing as a woman's husband on a game show.[8] Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

The opening credits for the series.
A promo for the series.

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