The Toy Warrior (lost animated series based on pilot film; 2005)

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Press Sheet for the 2005 animated film.

Status: Lost

The Toy Warrior was a 2005 animated film produced by JM Entertainment Co. Ltd. and animated by Seoul Movie (South Korean animation studio owned by TMS Entertainment, went defunct in the late 2000s). It was directed by Kyung-Won Lim (who had previously storyboarded and directed several episodes of Batman Beyond) and written by Brian Swenlin (who had previously worked on various shows such as Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, Archie's Weird Mysteries, Kim Possible, etc). [1]

The film focuses on Jinoo, a 12-year-old boy who accidentally gets transported to the Land Of Toys and must become the Toy Warrior in order to defeat the Dark Warrior who threatens to destroy the Toy Kingdom. [2] The voice cast featured various prominent dub VA such as Mona Marshall (best known as Izzy from Digimon) portraying the main character, Jinoo, and Richard Epcar (who was also the Voice Director) voicing the villain, Dark Warrior.

The film was intended to be a pilot for a TV show, but as of 2019, no news about the show has surfaced. The current distributor of the movie, Foothill Entertainment, lists on the description of the film on their site that a 26 half-hour series is in development, but this has not been updated in a while.[3]


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