The Weakest Link "Phil Lester episode" (found British gameshow episode; 2007)

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Still image from the episode.

Status: Found

Date found: 08 Apr '16

Found by: weakest link phil

Phil Lester aka AmazingPhil is a major radio and YouTube personality with well over 3.4 million subscribers as of right now. Phil, along with his good friend Dan (danisnotonfire), have made many TV appearances on news shows, commercials, etc.

One television spot, in particular, had Phil as a contestant on the popular English game show The Weakest Link back in late 2007. Confirmed by a post from his college's old website on November 9, 2007 [1], Phil's episode had aired that Monday on BBC 2.

Years later, curiosity hit his fans when he posted a Tweet talking about the appearance and how "It doesn't seem like it really happened" [2]. No known footage of the episode exists as of now, and there is only one photo of Phil on the show, voting off an unknown contestant named Linda.

On April 8, 2016, the full episode was released by YouTube user weakest link phil.


"Phil Lester episode"