The Weird Ones (lost Pat Boyette sexploitation film; 1962)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


Surviving theatrical poster.

Status: Lost

The Weird Ones is a low-budget 1962 sexploitation comedy film directed, written, and produced by Pat Boyette. The 76-minute black and white film was shot in San Antonio, TX, and it was screened for the first time in February 1962.

The film is reportedly about a couple of press agents (acted by Mike Braden and Rudy Duran) specialized in promoting naked women, who team up to stop the Astronik, a space alien devoted to torture and murder young ladies.[1] In order to lead the Astronik into a trap, the protagonists use an extra-terrestrial "Cosmo-Cutie" as bait, this character serving as a pretext for several softcore erotica scenes.

All negatives, related promotional materials, and copies of The Weird Ones were, according to Boyette himself, destroyed in a garage fire, with only the theatrical poster surviving.[2] Whether or not another copy is held by the theatrical distributor is open to conjecture, as "Crescent International Pictures" has shown no signs of life since 1969, with just a few sexploitation films of questionable quality under their belt.

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