The Wiggles Show (partially found Latin American adaptation of children's series; 2006)

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The series' title card

Status: Partially Found

The Wiggles is a popular children's group that formed in 1991 in Sydney, Australia. They are known for their hits Hot Potato, Get Ready To Wiggle, Fruit Salad and many others. Between 1991 and 1998, they mostly released albums and videos and toured heavily and would gain popularity in Australia. By the turn of the century, the group gained globe popularity and their albums, videos, television shows and tours would become hugely successful. The group's success lead to many versions of the group in different countries, including a version in Latin American audiences.

The lineup in the Latin American version was Zoe Velez in the blue skivvy, Fernando Moguel Jr. in the yellow skivvy (who appeared with his father Fernando Moguel Sr. in albums and videos by the Australian group), Katty Villafuerte in the purple skivvy and Francisco Madrid in the red skivvy red Wiggle. This lineup would only produce (unknown if ever released) one known video ¡Despierta Katty! (translated to English as ¡Wake Up Katty!) and would only do one television series that would air for 26 episodes in 2006[1] (exact airdates are unknown) on Disney Channel preschool block Playhouse Disney in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Uruguay. The lineup would by discontinued by the end of the year and Fernando Moguel Jr. last appearance with the Australian group would be in the spin-off series Dorothy the Dinosaur in the episode Pretty Peru that aired in 2010.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Series[edit | edit source]

# Episode Title Status
1 Episode 1 (also known as ¡Prepárate para Cantar & Bailar!) Found
2 Episode 2 (also known as ¡El Cumpleaños de Dorothy!) Found
3 Episode 3 (also known as ¡Despierta Katty!) Found
4 Episode 4 (also known as ¡Papitas Calientes!) Found
5 Episode 5 (also known as ¡El Baile Del Chango!) Found
6 Episode 6 (also known as ¡Dorothy the Dinosaur y Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas y Pies!) Found
7 Episode 7 (also known as ¡Baila el Romp Bomp A Stomp con Dorothy the Dinosaur!) Found
8 Episode 8 (also known as ¡Bip, Bip, El Cochesote Rojo! Favorito Wiggles Canciones) Found
9 Episode 9 Found
10 Episode 10 Found
11 Episode 11 Found
12 Episode 12 Found
13 Episode 13 Found
14 Episode 14 Lost
15 Episode 15 Lost
16 Episode 16 Lost
17 Episode 17 Lost
18 Episode 18 Lost
19 Episode 19 Lost
20 Episode 20 Lost
21 Episode 21 Lost
22 Episode 22 Lost
23 Episode 23 Lost
24 Episode 24 Lost
25 Episode 25 Lost
26 Episode 26 Lost


Specials[edit | edit source]

Name Status Notes
¡Despierta Katty! Partially Lost DVD Copy was seen at The Wiggles Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum
Aquí Viene El Cochesote Rojo Existence Unconfirmed Video on YouTube alleging to be from the video, despite no available evidence of this video's existence

Availability[edit | edit source]

This Latin American version of the group and television series would be virtually unknown outside of Mexico for some time. It wouldn't be until the documentary 15 Years of Wiggly Fun! that was released in August 2006 (before the lineup was discontinued) that footage featuring the lineup and some snippets from the song Fruit Salad would be shown[3], this would be the first time the Latin American Wiggles would be known outside of Mexico. Several more clips from the show would be shown in a news report on the Australian group[4]. In summer 2019, several animated clips from the show surfaced as part of a animation reel for the studio March Digital (who did animation for the Australian group)[5]. Several photos of many episodes from the series would make it online.

On May 22, 2021, Anthony Field revealed on Twitter that the international versions of The Wiggles will be making their way onto the group's YouTube channel.[6] Among the other international versions of the group were the Latin American group. On June 7, 2021, Francisco Madrid and Zoe Velez announced on the group's channel that the series will be uploaded to YouTube starting June 11, 2021.[7] On that very date, the first episode of the series was uploaded. It was later confirmed that the entire series will be uploaded to their YouTube channel every two weeks (except the weeks of September 3rd, 10th and October 8th due to the Fruit Salad TV series and Annyeonghaseyo respectively)[8]. As of the writing of this article, only ten episodes of the twenty six episode series have been uploaded, but it's very likely the entire series will get an official worldwide release. On November 24, 2021, the streaming service Kartoon Channel began adding the show to the service, including three episodes that haven't been uploaded to YouTube.[9]

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