The Wonderful World Of The Dinosaurs (partially found animated TV show; 1994)

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Status: Partially Found

The Wonderful World of the Dinosaurs (Also known as 'The Enchanted World of the Dinosaurs', in Hebrew: 'עולמם הקסום של הדינוזאורים') is an animated TV show that aired in Israel in 1994. It supposedly consists of 13 episodes following 2 mice named Claudia and Tati, who own a magic book that take them into a world of dinosaurs. In the final episode, they witness the dinosaurs extinction. The show aired on Channel 6, otherwise known as the Israeli Children's Channel.[1] It is unknown which company produced it or which country the show originated from.


On the Israeli cartoon forum, many users seemed to recall an animated show about dinosaurs called The Wonderful World of the Dinosaurs. People recalled characters such as a blue dinosaur with sunglasses that could fly, the 2 mice, and more. Clips of the show were discovered on old recordings of the Israeli Children's Channel, albeit very short and without sound.


So far, only around 9 seconds of the entire show has been found, including 3 seconds of the intro, and 6 seconds of various clips of the show. It is unknown which episode(s) they are taken from.


3 seconds of the intro. Discovered by Strekoza
3 seconds of the intro, along with 6 seconds of various clips from the show. Discovered by Strekoza