This Just In! (partially lost Spike TV animated series; 2004)

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Screenshot from the series featuring two of the main characters, Jimmy (left) and Craig (right).

Status: Partially Lost

This Just In! is an animated adult-sitcom that aired on Spike TV in 2004. It was co-created by television writers Steve Marmel (who also voices the main character Bryan) and Kevin Kay, while also being written by Steve Marmel and Jeff Rothpan.


The show follows the exploits of Brian Newport, a hard conservative news reporter who regularly drinks in a bar, with his closest friends, Jimmy and Craig, along with other wacky hijinks. The show would dive into commentary and analysis on politics, with a conservative bent.[1]


The 1st episode "Chappaquidicide" aired on Spike TV on May 12th, 2004, in the United States. The last episode (which was also the 4th) aired on April 4th, 2004, in the United States.

3 of the 4 episodes have been found. There were uploaded by the YouTube account "Bob Kiwi" in 2013.


According to the producers, the show was created using flash animation in order to quickly comment on the latest news and politics of the day, hence the title.

Tara Strong, Rob Paulsen, and Phil Morris lent their voices for a number of side characters.


Episode 2.
Episode 3.
Episode 4.

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