Tiger Electronics "Tabletop Arcade Games" (lost pixel LCD game series; 2000)

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Qbert tabletop arcade game.jpg

The Q*bert system, one of the five units.

Status: Lost

After their failed Game Boy competitor the Tiger Game.com came out in August of 1997, three years later in 2000 Tiger Electronics experimented with a new set of tabletop games called Tabletop Arcade Games. The games came in a small tabletop design with a small LCD screen and would fold out to show the small screen.

The screen was designed like a Nintendo Game Boy. The pixels on the screen were packed next to each other and would light up to simulate movement. These were more advanced compared to their earlier handhelds, which could only display static monochrome images that would light up.

In total, five of these games were released, with each being,Q*bert, NFL Blitz 2000, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Hydro Thunder, and Sonic Adventure. All of them were ports of games from Sega's home console at the time, the Dreamcast.

Sonic Adventure

A picture of the Sonic Adventure tabletop game.

In this game, the player plays as Sonic as they run through 3D levels similar to the Dreamcast version of the game. Just like his other games, Sonic can jump, spindash, and can perform a homing attack. There are also boss levels, such as the one seen in the videos titled "Chaos 0". While it has all of the levels from the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure, the game has unique stage names, set pieces, and bosses.

Two cheat codes are known to exist. One of them being if the player types in "Rings" they would get infinite lives. The other code is if the player types in "Boss", they would get a "Boss Rush" mode. The game likely has other codes, but no other ones have been confirmed.


So far, not a single unit is readably accessible, despite all of them being known to exist. Sometimes one has appeared on eBay but often the console is purchased shortly afterward. Pictures exist of each of the games themselves but only two of the games have gameplay footage online. YouTuber "Tales From IDeath" has found a copy of the Sonic Adventure game and in 2014 uploaded a gameplay video of it on YouTube. However, he has no intention of releasing it anytime soon. In addition, YouTuber Sr101 also found a Sonic Adventure game and uploaded his own video as well. YouTube user SSBPeridot found the game NFL Blitz 2000 and has uploaded a video of it onto their channel. Besides that, the other three have been proved to exist through photos, but sadly no footage of them has been released, nor has any of them have been dumped online.


The video of the Sonic Adventure tabletop game.

The video of NFL Blitz 2000.

Another video of the Sonic Adventure tabletop game.


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