Tiny Toon Adventures (partially found retakes of animated series; 1990-1995)

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Status: Partially Found

It's common for animated shows to have a hectic airing schedule, the order of episodes being all over the place, and outsourced foreign artists getting things wrong in translation. Retakes would be ordered to replace animation that's poorly received, but in some cases, would not arrive in time for the episode's first airing and would have to be added in later. These edits were not made to the master copies, but rather on duplicates. However, later DVD releases ended up re-adding these errors that had long been fixed. Examples include the DVD releases of Captain N: The Game Master and Transformers. In the Captain N DVD, one shot in an episode had no background.

In the case of Tiny Toon Adventures, the retakes would wound up being forgotten as soon as the show was pulled off Fox. When the show aired on Nickelodeon in 1995, not only did a surprise "new" episode make its debut with no announcement ("Toons From The Crypt," which Fox had banned) but strange differences started popping up, like "Best 'O Plucky Duck Day" having different title cards. "K-Acme TV" now contained a still shot of Elmyra where a video screen with Buster's Easter question once appeared. The retakes were never used again, for unknown reasons. Its possible the masters of the retakes had unfortunately been misplaced or poorly stored, or were destroyed. Another possibility may be that copyright issues prevent the retakes from being re-released.

Nowhere are the differences more obvious than in "Looniversity Daze", a first-season episode that sported a few redos by Jon McClenahan, who was at the time working for Kennedy Cartoons. This is an out-of-nowhere appearance since "Looniversity Daze" was not a Kennedy production, and the animation shown in the rest of episode was rather poor. Wherever McClenahan's animation appears, it's more smooth and better quality, and more in tune with the show's atmosphere, which makes this loss rather tragic, especially in the case of McClenahan's version of Buster saying "Dat's my name, don't wear it out!" (see video), being completely well put together.

The loss of the retakes also creates a sound error in the episode. Hamton originally would shake Buster and slap him in the face during "The Learning Principal". In the DVD version, Hamton stands still while the audio is played.

It is unknown what happened to the retakes after 1995, nor if the original master copies exist.



The original Jon McClenahan animation for the episode "Looniversity Daze".