Titch (partially lost British stop-motion animated TV series based on books; 1997-2001)

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The title character and Tailcat.

Status: Partially Lost

Created by the late Pat Hutchins, Titch is a British stop-motion animated series based on the books of the same name.

This series had a total of 39 episodes produced by Hutchins Film Company between 1997 to 2001 and was aired on different children's channels in the United Kingdom, most particularly CITV and Channel Five. Reruns of Titch were too common after its original run before being taken from the air after 2006.


The overall premise of Titch involved the 'too young, too little' title character enthusiastically trying to help out or accompany his older siblings and parents, and generally failing. Gently comedic chaos followed.

Unlike many programmes of the time, Titch had a fairly minimalist style, using simple set designs, a small cast of puppets and a lack of voice acting. The late Peter Jones provided the narration, who passed soon before the show's production was completed, leaving Paul Vaughan to take over his role for the remaining episodes.


A majority of the episodes for the programme can be found on various sources, including Hutchins' Vimeo page, recordings on YouTube alongside VHS and DVD releases of the show. However, the remaining episodes as listed below are yet to be uncovered and archived.

Episode List

A screengrab from “The Funfair”, provided by the show’s archived site

39 episodes were produced during the show’s run of three series[1], though the specific order for them is unknown. This list covers the episodes shown on the show’s official website.

# Episode Title Status
1 "Making Biscuits" Found
2 "The Fancy Dress Party" Found
3 "You'll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch" Found
4 "Spaceman Titch" Found
5 "Tidy Titch" Found
6 "The Picnic" Found
7 "Gardener Titch" Found
8 "Titch Was Little" Found
9 "Sleeping Baby" Found
10 "Camp Fire" Found
11 "Bedtime, Titch" Found
12 "The Christmas Tree" Found
13 "A Snowy Day" Found
14 "Pancakes" Found
15 "Decorator Titch" Found
16 "Bathtime Titch" Found
17 "Sticky Titch" Found
18 "Lost and Found" Found
19 "Great Aunt Edna" Found
20 "Visiting Grandpa" Found
21 "Spotty Titch" Found
22 "The Train Set" Found
23 "Best Friend" Found
24 "Windy Day" Found
25 "Grandpa Visits" Found
26 "Christmas Eve" Found
27 "Hide and Seek" Lost
28 "Mathematical Titch" Lost
29 "Babysitter Titch" Lost
30 "Grandpa's Treehouse" Lost
31 "Dick Whittington's Tailcat" Lost
32 "Great Aunt Edna Visits" Lost
33 "Trick Or Treat" Lost
34 "The Funfair" Lost
35 "Grandpa's Piano" Lost
36 "Sailor Titch" Lost
37 "Tailcat and Bill Cat" Lost
38 "Surprise Visit" Lost
39 "Presents" Lost

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