Tootuff (partially lost English dub of "Titeuf" animated series based on Swiss comic; late 2000s)

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Tootuff title.png

The dub's title card in season 1.

Status: Partially Lost

Titeuf is a comic series created by Swiss cartoonist Zep (real name Philippe Chapuis) depicting the life of a young boy and his vision of the adult world & themes such as love, sex, seduction, and mysteries about girls. The series is currently composed of 13 comics published in 25 countries. The comic was adapted into a cartoon in 2001,[1] spanning over 250 episodes, and aired on French television channels France 3 and Canal J.[2]

An English dub which renames the title and main character to "Tootuff" (derived from "too tough" and most likely changed to make it easier to pronounce for English audiences but is sometimes still referred to as "Titeuf" in the official trailer and full English intro.) was produced, however info on it is rather scarce.


The dub is known to have aired on the following channels, GMTV (now CITV) via their Toonattik block in the UK,[3] Starz Kids & Family in the US, CBC Television via their Kids' CBC block (now known as CBC Kids) in Canada, Cartoon Network and ABC3 in Australian and New Zealand, and Nickelodeon in Southeast Asia.

The dub seems to be produced in either France or the UK, as Character Development Ltd (A British company) and Mac'Tari (A French company), it's possible it could be a co-production between both countries with season 1 being done in the UK and season 2-3 being done in France considering the later 2 seasons have a completely new cast than the first one. It's unknown why they haven't dubbed season 4 but it's possible that the rights expired.

Currently the series' first English dubbed season is owned by Media-toon Distribution.[4]

Interestingly, most other foreign dubs of the series are based on this dub but most of the time they change Tootuff's name back to Titeuf.



  • Jules de Jongh
  • Megg Nichols
  • Dian Perry
  • Dan Russell - Tootuff
  • Bob Saker


  • Jodi Forrest
  • David Gasman
  • Matthew Géczy - Tootuff
  • Sharon Mann - Tootuff's Mother
  • Barbara Weber-Scaff


As of now, the first season is available on The first English-dubbed season is available on DVD from Brightspark Production and Google Drive and season 2 is available on iTunes in the UK, and while season 3 was available on iTunes for a while, it has since been removed and the only footage of it online is a handful of short clips, and the whereabouts of the 3rd season is unknown.


English trailer of the series.
Season 3 clips.


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