Total Fruit Island (lost animated YouTube series; 2010)

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What the show's art style may have looked like according to various accounts.

Status: Lost

Total Fruit Island was a lost animated series on YouTube that was created around December of 2010 (making it the 2nd known object show to exist after Battle for Dream Island). It was inspired by shows such as Battle for Dream Island and Total Drama Island. The show’s art style was likely inspired by a website named Fruity Cuties.[1][2]

The series was most likely about a set of objects (in this case, being various types of fruit) competing in various challenges to win a prize, the same plot as BFDI, the show's main inspiration.

At the time, the show was quite popular, with one of the episodes getting around 40 elimination votes. However, it's unknown if this is actually correct and some people claim that the creator counted multiple votes from the same people.

Past Leads

According to Humany/carykh (the co-creator of BFDI), two of the characters in the show (one of which possibly being a Mandarin), were Asian stereotypes, one of which was the host of the show, which had a Fu Manchu moustache. He also stated that the characters had to stay in a fruit basket when either eliminated or safe from elimination.

The show was cancelled after its second/third episode, and the channel the show was hosted on eventually was taken down in 2017 or earlier. It is currently unknown why it happened, but it was likely taken down manually by the creator.

A YouTube comment made by Hayden Martin states that he remembers seeing the show and that one of the characters was a star fruit. Another comment stated that one of the characters was also a dragon fruit.

Many who recalled seeing the show described that the show's visuals were very basic and had been made with Microsoft Paint, with all of the characters being either circles or other basic shapes. Others recall that the show looked similar to Fight for Feline Funds, a show created by englishcreamcakes in 2011.

A tweet by Pudster12345, made on December 8th, 2010, suggested that the channel that the episodes were hosted on was called TotalFruitIsland, possibly further proving the show's existence.[3] Another tweet by Pudster12345 stated that they voted for Star Fruit, and another tweet by them confirms the title for the second episode of the show.[4]

Some people speculated that YouTube user MrOrange890 created the show, as they have made a show with similar visuals, however, this was proven false. A possible announcement video about Total Fruit Island was found on the Internet Archive, however, was confirmed to be for a different show.[5] On January 14th, 2022, the description of TFI episode 1 was found by looking through an old WordPress website on the Wayback Machine. [6]

On February 8th 2022, a clip claiming to be the intro for the show was uploaded to the Internet Archive. [7] Two days later, the same person uploaded a 15-second clip of the first episode, Race to Death Mountain. The intro (and therefore the episode clip) was later confirmed fake by englishcreamcakes, someone who watched the show. [8]


Currently only two confirmed episodes exist, both being lost.

# Title Status
1 Race up Death Mountain Lost
2 Stuck Between Walls Lost


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