Toy Story 4 (lost original script of Pixar animated film; 2014-2017)

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Toy Story 4 Poster.jpg

The poster for the final version of the film.

Status: Lost

Toy Story 4 is an animated film produced by Pixar and was created to end the Toy Story film franchise. It was released in June 2019.


The final version of the film revolves around the toys trying to protect a spork named Forky which was transformed into a toy by Bonnie, the toys' owner. The only facts known about the original version was that it would have been a romantic comedy and that it would have had a separate storyline to the previous films.[1]


In an interview with Annie Potts (the voice of Bo Peep), she stated that after the writers Rashida Jones and Will McCormack left production for the film, Disney threw away the 75% of the script which was finished and restarted production, causing the film to be delayed to June 2019.[2] Since the script was thrown away, it is unlikely that any more information about the original film will see the light of day.

Similar Incidents

Oddly enough, every previous Toy Story film has had a version that was intentionally scrapped: Toy Story 2 had a different script that was scrapped and reworked in the last nine months of production, a different version of Toy Story 3 was in production by the Circle 7 Animation before the studio was shut down, and the original film had the infamous Black Friday Reel version, which nearly got Pixar itself shut down.