Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (lost deleted scenes of film; 1997)

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Frame from the flame thrower scene.

Status: Lost

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is a 1997 American superhero film directed by David Winning and is the second film based on the Power Rangers franchise. It acts as the sequel to Power Rangers Zeo and the beginning to Power Rangers Turbo. The original cut of the film ran for over three hours with many scenes having to be cut, of which little to none have been released on DVD or online. Interestingly, many of these scenes were in the comic adaptation.

Known Deleted Scenes

  • Tommy (red Turbo Ranger) and Kat's (pink Turbo Ranger) fight a crocodile using a flame thrower while searching for Lerigot. About three frames of the scene are known to exist, with one on the back of the VHS box of the movie.
  • A bungee jumping stunt with Adam (green Turbo Ranger).
  • More character development for Justin (blue Turbo Ranger).
  • A character named Mandika the Mermaid (unknown actress) would've assisted the Rangers on their journey and would have served as a love interest to Adam. She would have also saved Kimberly (pink Mighty Morphin' Ranger) after escaping Divatox's submarine.
  • A longer trek through the volcano.
  • Arguably one of the most vital cut scenes, the team would have used their Zeo powers to fight Divatox's forces, but their morphers and zords would have also been severely damaged in the fight. Billy, the blue Mighty Morphin' Ranger and technical advisor to the Zeo Rangers, would convert the Zeo crystals into the Turbo morphers, creating the new powers. However, David Yost, Billy's actor, decided to leave Power Rangers Zeo, which was being filmed at the same time as Turbo, thus meaning the script had to be rewritten to compensate this.
  • A deleted scene from the rewritten script where Adam and Tanya (yellow Turbo Ranger) go underwater to fight Divatox' minions and rescue Kimberly and Jason (red Mighty Morphin' Ranger), only to fail and have their Zeo powers destroyed in the process. Afterwards they would've been saved by Mandika.