Twin Hearts (lost Filipino drama TV series; 2003-2004)

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Status: Lost

Twin Hearts is a Filipino drama series aired on GMA Network. It starred Dingdong Dantes, Tanya Garcia, Dennis Trillo and Karylle which is her first teleserye on GMA Network.[1] It ran from October 20, 2003 to June 18, 2004. It replaced Habang Kapiling Ka in its timeslot and after it concluded, was replaced by Marinara in its timeslot.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The series' premise is about one young couple having a tragic disaster, with the girl Iris (starred by Karylle) died and her mother deciding to donate her heart to a young girl named Althea. Iris' death causes Adrian (starred by Dingdong Dantes) to suffer and vows not to fall in love again. Until he met Althea which are fascinated curious for what they feel whenever each one of them is around with their hearts oddly beat faster and a warm feeling radiates between them every time their eyes meet.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Several scenes and screencaps were uploaded on the internet. Fragment of the finale is available on YouTube. However, no full episodes haven't yet resurfaced.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Slideshow of screencaps.
Twin Hearts cast guesting on Partners Mel & Jay, with few footage of the series shown.
8-minute fragment of the finale.
Theme song of the video, with music video and footage of the series shown.

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