U.R. the Star: Sports Hero (partially found rare video tape; 1995)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

U.R. the Star is an American company specialized in making personalized videos for children.

In 1995, the company (through Cerrone & Associates) produced several 15-minute video tapes such as "Sports Hero", "Amazing Kid", and "Undersea Agent".[1] "Sports Hero" was later re-released in 2007 through Pizza International, possibly a remake.[2]

The video was also released in the UK in 1995 through Sheptonhurst, with 18 seconds cut in order to secure a U rating.[3]

The company's website (now-defunct), as of February 2017, did not list "Sports Hero" anymore. The video has the child as a baseball player, a football player, a hockey player, and a martial artist.

A video of "Sports Hero" appeared on YouTube in 2012, but it is only 2:46 long, with 12 minutes missing.


Partial footage of "Sports Hero"