URGH! A Music War (lost unreleased audio and video of additional performances; 1981)

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Poster for the film URGH! A Music War

Status: Partially found

URGH! A Music War is a 1981 concert film, featuring performances by 35 different bands, filmed in multiple venues and locations in 1980. Long out of print for years, URGH received an official on-demand DVD release in 2009 from Warner Archive imprint of Warner Brothers. [1] While one song from each artist was included in the film, at least two to three songs by each band were filmed and recorded. Some bands and performers were also interviewed.

A band known as Invisible Sex appears in the film. Little is known about the group, aside from a post on the site Everything2 from 2008 [2] and a MySpace with recordings of the band at The Venue in London from October 1980. [3]. It is unknown if this audio is from the performance filmed for URGH.

The 2009 DVD release omits the performance of "Two Little Boys" by Splodgenessabounds, which appeared on previous VHS, LaserDisc, and CED versions of the film, and is available on YouTube. [4]

Of the additional performances filmed for URGH, an additional performance by The Cramps of "Human Fly" was uploaded in 2007, and a video with an additional Cramps song, "I Was a Teenage Werewolf" was uploaded in May 2021. Footage of Oingo Boingo at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go club in Los Angeles has been found and was uploaded to YouTube in 2009. The Oingo Boingo video contains an otherwise unreleased performance of the song "Imposter" along with an interview. [5] Audio of Oingo Boingo's full Whiskey show also circulates as a bootleg, and was uploaded to YouTube in 2021, with a patch of the final song "Nasty Habits" added from an audience recording. [6]

Gary Numan's performance of "Down in the Park" was filmed as part of the the 1982 concert film Micromusic, with the full audio of the show released as the album Living Ornaments '81. [7]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Full video of Oingo Boingo performance and interview
Full audio of the Oingo Boingo performance.
Video of Splodgenessabounds performing "Two Little Boys" from URGH
Video of The Cramps performing "Human Fly" and "I Was a Teenage Werewolf"

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