Uffe Was a Nazi! (found Commit Suiside compilation album; 1998)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its antisemitic and racist content.

Uffe front theblitzkidd46.jpg

The album cover, featuring a picture of Ulf giving a Nazi salute.

Status: Found

Date found: 16 Jul 2019

Found by: TheBlitzkid46

Commit Suiside was a neo-Nazi punk rock band based out of Gothenburg, Sweden that were active between 1983 and 1986. The band is largely, if not entirely known today due to Ulf Ekberg, a founding member of the Swedish pop group Ace of Base, being a member of the band.

Uffe Was A Nazi!

After Commit Suiside had disbanded and Ace of Base found international success with "The Sign", Ulf frequently apologized for having anything with Commit Suiside, stating in the 1997 documentary Our Story that:

"I told everyone I really regret what I've done. I closed that book. I don't want to even talk about it; that time does not exist in me anymore. I closed it, and I threw the book away 1987. I took the experience from it, I learned from it. But that life is not me. It's somebody else".

In contrast to this, during a TV interview in March 1993, Ulf had supposedly adamantly denied ever having anything to do with Commit Suiside, the Sweden Democrats (a Swedish political party founded by Nazis of which Ulf and fellow Commit Suiside member Anders Klarström were at one point members)[1], or Nazism as a whole. As a response to this, Swedish record label Flashback Records began searching their archives for recordings of Commit Suiside, with the fruits of their labour being put up for purchase on their website in 1998: a five-track compilation CD of recordings from the band priced at 119 kronor entitled Uffe Was A Nazi!.

The album consists of four original tracks and a rewrite of Skrewdriver's "Smash The IRA" that was aimed at the VPK (a Swedish left-wing, socialist, feminist political party). The content of the album was extremely racist and antisemitic, with some lyrics (roughly translated from Swedish) including:

"Men in white cowls march down the road, we enjoy ourselves when we saw off niggers’ heads."

"Immigrant, we hate you! Out, Out, Out! Nordic people, wake up now! Shoot, shoot, shoot!".

"Where the niggers are, there will be poverty, starvation and cultural darkness. Where the white ones are, there will be civilisation, enlightenment and prosperity. White power! Immigrant slaughter! White power! Immigrant slaughter!".

"War, war, war, war".

Track Listing

# Song Title Length Status
1 Vit Makt, Svartskalle Slakt 2:56 Found
2 Rör Inte Vårt Land 3:55 Found
3 Smash The VPK 2:46 Found
4 Min Far 6:29 Found
5 Killing Machine 4:08 Found


The release of the album was extremely limited, with only 1000 copies being produced and sold via the website, most likely done in an attempt to avoid a defamation lawsuit from Ulf or a party representing him.[2] Because of this, no copies of the album had resurfaced online since the initial selling, with some websites (such as Discogs) outright refusing to sell the album due to the racist and bigoted nature of its lyrics, leaving that the chance of any songs from it resurfacing online seemingly slim to none.

On July 16th, 2019, user TheBlitzkid46 uploaded the entire album onto Archive.org.

Commit Suiside Band Members

  • Ulf Ekberg
  • Anders Klarström
  • Jens Svensson
  • Jens Larsson


"Smash The IRA" by Skrewdriver, a song which appears in a rewritten form on the album.

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