Ultimate Journey (lost build of cancelled NES action-platformer; 1992)

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Ultimate journey.jpg

Cover art of the game.

Status: Lost

Ultimate Journey was an action/platform game for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), published by Bandai Games.


The player plays as Mojavo, a Native American warrior whose whole tribe has been killed by the evil witch doctor Wrathkon. Mojavo's father, in his dying last moments, asks his son to avenge them so that their spirits will rest easy. Mojavo then sets on a journey to destroy the sorcerer, chasing him to his castle before he takes over the land.

During gameplay, Mojavo can transform into different animals such as an eagle or dolphin, and other powered forms, such as one including a feathered war bonnet.


The original concept came up from Dan McArthur, a programmer from the American subsidiary of Bandai. McArthur's designs were approved by the main direction, and development carried on until Bandai decided to scrap the project.

The game was previewed in magazines, along with box art and screenshots. Opinions ranged from lukewarm to positive. The game was apparently almost finished when North-American game journalists tested it. These journalists described the gameplay as being similar to Ninja Gaiden.

No official reasons were given as to why it was cancelled, although a possible one was that the very America-centric premise wouldn't appeal to the main Japanese target audience.